Nintendo Switch Pro Launching in 2020?

When it comes to the Nintendo Switch I am one of those gamers that have purchased the Lite, the original and the switch with the better battery life. There is no real reason why I have purchased every system variant apart too much bloody money now I have a job in Marketing and I love Nintendo.

I have not really thought of a Switch Pro or should we say an upgraded Switch as they did with the 3DS, but its been coming to the front of my mind for some time as more and more news comes out about a possible upgrade. There have been confirmations of new game development programs running on the Switch, which would simply be impossible on the current switch, Red Dead Redemption 2 has been rumoured and posted on a few sites for pre-order on the switch, again another game that would not be able to run on the current switch. We can then look at The Witcher 3 which has many more features hidden which allow the game run much better and look more impressive, was this a way for CDRED to instantly take advantage of new hardware?

I can not see the switch pro hitting 4k, why would it, as the current system has done amazing when it comes to selling, but I can see it 100% hitting 1080p and 60fps it might even go up to 1440p and 60fps. I can also see it taking advantage of a lot of new technology, maybe even ray-tracing as current mobile chips from Nvidia can offer this. I can see a better screen if they opt for a hybrid system, I say Opt as Nintendo might make the pro a pure at-home gaming system for one price and then might offer a hybrid for a high price, or this is going out there a new mobile unit with no way to attach to the TV like the lite for yet again another price.

So we could have the following variants

Hybrid – At home and Mobile

Static – At Home Only

Mobile – Upgraded Mobile Unit

Let us have a go at prices, well the current system is £279.99 and £199.99 for the lite, so let us say a Hybrid will be around £349.99, Static £299.99 and Mobile £249.99. I do not know for sure an upgraded Nintendo Switch is 100% coming, but I sure hope it does as I would love to see more games head to my beloved system.